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Charlotte: Well, but is this something, you would have wanted to do Astrology, even if Dr. Do you think? Would you have been exposed to it where you were? And maybe I would have been exposed to it in the wrong way. Charlotte: Well, do you ever talk about your own horoscope?

Or is your first love Mundane Astrology? Gayatri Devi: Yeah, Mundane Astrology interests me very greatly. Charlotte: Yes, you are so good at that! Gayatri Devi: Thank you. Charlotte: And so do you, every month that I ready your very wonderful magazine Modern Astrology, you go through such detail for every area, for every region of the World. Making Mundane predictions! That must take a lot of time! That must take a lot of work to do that! Gayatri Devi: Yes, it takes a lot of time and labor.

Charlotte: Gosh. Gayatri Devi: It does, yes it does. Charlotte: And you have to really focus. Gayatri Devi: Yes Charlotte: So do you see individual clients at home? Until almost , or In , on a regular basis, I would not really insist on a fee. And much of my time was taken up by the Magazine work. And when father was working on his translations of Prasna Marga, I was assisting him, making notes, working out the illustrations and examples.

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So, most of my time would be taken up by all that. Again, I would forgo consultations. But then you know, the pressure would begin to grow, first the friends coming for guidance or help, and then their friends, and their friends — and it kept growing — and I thought — the only way I could stem the pressure from all these people, was to charge them fees. Even with the fees, they would still come. So, I made it clear, than unless they had a very real problem, or serious, some serious situation, I was not available for consultations.

So that way, I do not announce, even now, that I am available for consultations, in India.

Otherwise, most requests, I do not entertain. Gayatri Devi: yes. Charlotte: I think you do! I love the, well, I love all of the magazine. It really makes your brain work very hard. Transit wise. Charlotte: Right. I notice that you have sold out all of your copies of your new book, in the book store! So congratulations on that!

Astrological services for accurate answers and better feature

Charlotte: So, what re your plans for the future, do you have another book in process or are you teaching? Gayatri Devi: As I have said before, I make no plans. I just drift with the tide. And, if it is something that is difficult, I pray to God to give me strength to abide by it. I never ask Him to change anything, Him or Her. Whatever way you look at God. Charlotte: Exactly. Gayatri Devi: So, when I had to resign from the magazine. It was like being, like a fish out of water.

Gayatri Devi Vasudev

Or you know, being without oxygen. I said, if its Your Will, give me the strength to understand and abide by it.

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The American students are so happy to see you, do you have any advice to students who are trying to do Jyotish in the West? Gayatri Devi: See, Astrology cannot be divorced from Philosophy. If you want to understand Astrology properly, you also have to understand philosophy.


And in that sense, I would say the philosophy of Adwita, that is the oneness of all Creation. That can be a great help in understanding a chart.

Part 3 - Smt. Gayatri Devi Vasudev Interview - Saptarishis Astrology

Interpreting a chart. And, in also hearing any suggestions through the chart, for handling difficult situations. And, the most important thing, Father would emphasize, and before him, Great Grandfather, his Grandfather, who was Jyotishi Prof. Suryanarain Rao , was to never to give categorical predictions, but to always emphasize the role of effort.

Which is how it should be. Charlotte: Emphasize the role of effort. Gayatri Devi: And whatever comes to you as Fate, is nothing more than your own predetermined and past existence. Charlotte: Okay. Charlotte: Please! Gayatri Devi: There is the student, and there is the Zen Master. Fate, or Free Will? He wants to know the answer to the most serious question, and the Master is telling him to do something that is totally unconnected with it.

But the Master says.

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The right foot, let us say. He is standing on his left foot. Every time he tries to lift up the other foot, he falls down. But, once you made the choice, the result of the choice, made you rooted in a situation, and that is Fate. The readers are going to love that. Gayatri Devi: um hum Charlotte: Well, in this case, I think Thank you for your time, unless you have anything else that you would like to say.

Very much.

Detalles del libro

Gayatri Devi: Thank you very much. She became Editor of the Astrological Magazine after the death of her father in , and remained as Editor until Jan , when the magazine closed operations permanently. Vasudev has been involved in writing and research work on traditional Indian astrology Jyotisha and has produced a number of works dealing with different aspects of astrology and the influence of planets on worldly affairs. Gayatri Devi has time and again opposed and argued against attempts by scientists to discredit astrology and has expressed her views on the issue in several of her works.

She believes that astrology deserves an unbiased scientific scrutiny and no attempts should be made at disparaging the subject without studying the same. She held the position of Assistant Editor of The Astrological Magazine for years before assuming the position of Editor after the demise of her illustrious father, and has continued promoting the study and practice of Indian astrology with her active involvement in the field.

The magazine went out of publication from January to February and was relaunched as The New Astrological Magazine in March Subsequently, the name of the publication has been changed to " Modern Astrology ", beginning Vol. She predicted the assassination of Indira Gandhi and the end of "Rajiv's Era" months before both of the events. She also has anticipated several earthquakes and the tsunami of December The actual prediction goes like this, "Mars will be in opposition to Rahu on and warns against a nuclear disaster or gas tragedy.