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With his Astraea square his Sun in Cancer he was never fit to be a king, not even a leader of any king. His manipulative, irresponsible prissiness Astraea served only his own childlike Mars in Aries need for emotional security Sun in Cancer and self-indulgent, joy in love Sun in his fifth house. He had a passion for botany. Bute arranged for the Prince and his brother Prince Edward to follow a course of lectures on natural philosophy.

Astraea: Star Maiden | Greek Mythology

It was rumoured that the couple were having an affair, and soon after John Horne Tooke an associate of the Prince of Wales published a scandalous pamphlet alluding to a liaison between Bute and the Princess. Rumours of this affair were certainly untrue Astraea conjunct Mercury conjunct Hygeia , as Bute was happily married, and he held sincere religious beliefs against adultery.

The moral purity of his Astraea conjunct Mercury conjunct Hygeia certainly was diminished by Chiron. Here slanderous words most definitely hurt him via rumours about an immoral liaison which was not true and about his role as Prime Minister. With Saturn as part of this fixed T square there was a sense of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Astraea conjunct mercury conjunct Hygeia as the apex of this fixed T square certainly created extreme injustice and unfairness Astraea in the mental Mercury wellbeing Hygeia of this good man. Prince Albert was not called Albert the Good for nothing. He spent his short life doing good works Astraea on a major scale Jupiter for Britain and trying to be a morally good, just and fair father and husband.

Here Prince Albert had a double dose of morality as Jupiter is the planet of morality, benevolence, high aspirations and judgements in law, while Aquarius is tolerant, altruistic and humane. With Hecate conjunct Astraea in his 6th house Albert was caring, warm, heartfelt and wise.

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He liked to make time in his schedule for people and their concerns. With Hecate-Astraea-Jupiter in Aquarius Albert was a powerful presence and guiding, moral force in groups of friends, family gatherings, political parties, or work-associated committees. Here Hecate in gregarious Aquarius indicates that unity brings change.

Thus, his pure, precise and just empathic nature will be at heart of transitions made by groups as a force for good.

Horoscopes by Jamie Partridge

At family gatherings, social events and productive group meetings Albert would be the mediator, intermediary and advocate as he was aware of undercurrents and can calm and soothe troubled times and avoid turning points that could lead your friends and colleagues down the wrong path. Peter Sutcliffe had a stellium with Juno 14 degrees conjunct Chiron 15 degrees conjunct Astraea 15 degrees conjunct Jupiter 17 degrees, all in Libra opposite Hygeia at 18 degrees in Aries.

He savagely killed thirteen women, mostly prostitutes, from 30 October onwards. He was arrested by the police on 2 January While he was incarcerated at Broadmoor Prison, he survived an attempted strangulation on 23 February and in March , Sutcliffe was stabbed in both eyes by an inmate and left blinded.

Sutcliffe has a fan funnel chart with Ceres the Great Mother at 13 degrees of Aquarius in his second house of values, resources and self-esteem. This means he has an all pervasive subpersonality of the cold mother Ceres in Aquarius. In the 2nd house Ceres placement his elf-esteem is definitely linked to his mother. The goddess Ceres was challenged to learn about true intimacy in relationships, when to be intimate and when to let go. This location of the goddess Ceres in the sign of Aquarius suggests that this is one of his central life lessons.

Astraea astrology meaning of the planets

Perhaps his mother was emotionally distant when he was young. You may have learned to cope by detaching from his own emotional needs. The stellium, Ceres and his other air stellium Sun in Gemini 11 degrees conjunct Hecate 13, conjunct Mercury 14 conjunct Uranus 17 degrees form an air grand trine with 4 planets and 5 asteroids involved.

It is not a happy grand trine with many distressed archetypes: Chiron woundedness in relationships , Juno intense vengeful emotions in relationships , Uranus trauma , Hecate grief and loss , Ceres grief and loss and Astraea which here is seen as an inability to let go of images of flawed women and Jupiter blowing all of these distressing archetypes out of proportion mentally air grand trine. He has a final signature of air-cardinal which means the Libra archetype dominates his persona. There are 5 air planets. But earth is missing totally. So, this indicates no groundedness, no common sense, no organisation.

The air can be mentally balanced if it is balanced but too much becomes obsessive and he was clearly insane. Sutcliffe has two large stelliums and one small including Moon-Saturn-Venus in Cancer and even Mars is conjunct the Midheaven, so there is extreme obsessiveness about his thoughts and actions and with Ceres as the handle or funnel the thoughts and behaviour are about women and how they damaged him.

Venus-Ceres suggests that Sutcliffe may have believed he was sexually undesirable and that he was an unattractive person. The Moon conjunct Saturn may suggest a depressed mother and cruel, cold family and lack of self-confidence. Saturn in Cancer is the archetype of a heart that has been walled off with concrete so he no longer feels anything.

Eris sits in his childhood home at 6 degrees revealing rage, then Hygeia wellbeing at 18 degrees Aries and Admetos 19 and Hades at 25 degrees Aries.

This reeks of deprivation, hardship, uncaring parents and deteriorating conditions in his life. Astraea as an archetype is basically pure, good, innocent and fair. His Astraea in his 10th house is a very public placement for either morality and goodness or moral turpitude.

He clearly enjoyed his immoral actions and he was paid back in jail for his lack of fairness to the women he killed. Myra Hindley had Astraea conjunct Juno. Hindley, with her lover Ian Brady sadistically murdered six children, taping their screams, photographing their agony and enjoying their pain. They were arrested and Hindley was found guilty on 6 May , life imprisonment.

Her incarceration remains popular with British general public, although those campaigning for her release believe the nation is preoccupied with punishing her unjustly because she remains the last unacceptable face of crime, a female killer of children. The first thing one notices in this chart is that it is a bucket chart with Athena in Aquarius in the 10th house as the handle. All that springs to mind is Athena as the militant women.

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This is echoed by her Athena opposition Mars aspect which suggests to much masculine militancy. Her Moon in Scorpio as the apex of a fixed T square squares her Mars and Athena in the 10th suggesting a great deal of violence in her childhood home. The challenged moon in Scorpio tells of an intense, jealous, vengeful, emotionally wilful person who needs to dominate. It speaks of her heart and self, living in dark realms where an inner, obsessively critical parent reigns.

Yes, I believe so. The natural Scorpionic paranoia and mistrust tainting Astraea hardly speaks of innocence, purity, moral values, ethics, good judgement and justice. Perhaps Hindley felt she needed justice for being a powerless child Astraea conjunct Juno quincunx Saturn at 9 degrees Gemini in the 12th house. Whatever the case Hindley was mentally unhinged 12th house Saturn as the ruler of the handle of her bucket chart and the British legal system gave her due justice.

The 12th house -6th house axis includes all types of health and consciousness. Princess Ann of England, an Olympian in equestrian events and philanthropist has Astraea conjunct her Ascendant in Libra. Princess Anne has always been known as a straight shooter in her speech, but she obviously believes in fairness and justice. So, we can see that generally people with Astraea conjunct Ascendant or Astraea in her 1st house is here to do good on earth. Jock had a nervous breakdown at an early age.

He was working to hard at his accountancy job in the city of London and he burnt out. He joined the Black Watch regiment in the army, but when he had to go to the Western Front, in World War I, where death was immanent any second as a soldier, he shot himself in the finger to escape army service. With his South Node in Pisces sextile Neptune and Astraea he might have been just, fair, pure, precise and kind in his personality, but as far as his physical health was concerned, he was not resilient and strong. He died at age 40 in With his Admetos conjunct his South Node he appears to have had a great deal of hardship and lack of family help in previous incarnations and with his South Node in Pisces he has low self-esteem and chronic anxiety due to lack of experience in the practical world.

Combined with his South Node Pisces and his Moon in Pisces his purity and high morals from his Astraea in Pisces adds to his oversensitivity and vulnerability. I wish you well in your next lifetime Jock. People with cardinal squares make quick, often impulsive decisions.

5 Asteroid Archetypes In Your Natal Astrology Chart

Those with mutable squares take varying actions which depend on the influence of others and people with fixed squares make slow and deliberate decisions and actions. Consequently, to stop aggression building up and express our energy positively Mars square we must make precise, morally defendable Astraea decisions and actions to move forward through a challenge square. Princess Diana Astraea in Gemini 1 degree in her fifth house of romance square Mars 1-degree Virgo in her 8th house.

Princess Diana did not always show good judgment and sound moral values and reasoning in her choice of and energy she put into romantic partners and sexual affairs. However, she did bring up her children 5th house with sound moral values, she railed against injustice and unfairness for people who were deprived due to war or poverty.

She used to run, gymnasium exercise and swimming to decrease her irritability, demands and intolerance Mars square and before she died, she realised she could be a force for good if she went to Africa to stop land mines which were causing endless mutilation.

The Mythology of your Star Sign

Like Steve Irwin Diana had her Astraea in her 5th house which indicated her hatred of unfairness, even to the point of aggressive Mars revenge. Sextiles involve two planets that are 60 degrees apart. Fire and air signs sextile each other and earth and water signs sextile each other so the archetypes of attraction, affability, ease and opportunities for cooperation and gathering of information and expression are present in a sextile.

The houses, planets, asteroids and signs involved are vital in a sextile aspect.

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  8. Thus, with a positive person of high awareness we could see wellbeing and sound health coming from behaviours, beliefs and values of innocence, purity, goodness and fairness Astraea. In a weak, negative or criminal person we could see no concern for justice and fairness, no purity or innocence and an inability to let go or a person who avoid difficulties, challenges or responsibility when they can. Bindi Irwin, the bubbly daughter of wild life conservationist Steve Irwin has Astraea in her second house of values and in Taurus.

    Therefore, her self-esteem revolves around her innocence and goodness. Like her father you can see that in her face. Astraea in Taurus indicates a love of the countryside and stable, dependable morality. Her Astraea sextiles her Hygeia in Cancer. Like her fatherly she also has a motherly concern Cancer for the innocence of Australian wildlife Astraea and this gives her wellbeing Hygeia. Bishop Michael Curry has Astraea 00 degrees Taurus conjunct 29 degrees Gemini 7th house and Astraea 00 degrees Taurus sextile Moon 2 degrees in Pisces an emotional and heartfelt need for fairness, precise moral values, justice, goodness and innocence in our feelings.

    He did not hesitate to ask a number of church officials, who he knew were guilty of immorality and various crimes of corruption and paedophilia to resign when he became primate of his church. Astraea here, in Taurus is practical in their morals, thoroughly just, good in a stable manner, dependable in making fair decisions in line with not only church doctrine, but spiritually righteous decisions and he was loyal to the victims of immoral church officials.

    Bishop Curry with his Astraea in his 7th house believes in morality in all relationships. He was the founder of the Panopticon or the first morally designed jail. Oppositions use two signs to meet the lack.